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Established in 2019, by Danielle Williams, RE/DESIGNED is a custom clothing line that takes iconic wardrobe staples and RE/DESIGNS them into one of a kind pieces. 

But that's not where this story starts. Recycling and upcyclying clothing has been a passion project since 2012. It began with a brick and mortar second hand shop and eventually evolved into a top selling online recycled boutique on the Poshmark App.

And that's where @oldflannelshirt was created. The @oldflannelshirt vibe is a little southwest. The mantra is "when in doubt, bleach it out." It's nature, but make it fashion. It's boho, but with a 90's spin. It's your dad's old flannel shirt and a worn out graphic tee.

Here's where RE/DESIGNED comes in. RE/DESIGNED is @oldflannelshirt's custom clothing line: designed and hand created in Sacramento, CA. 

Find SOCKSICLE: Popsicle socks  that come in a variety of flavors. Find OLD FLANNEL SHIRTS re-imagined, re-invented, and re-designed. Find old CUT-OFF Levi's that are perfectly distressed. Find GRAPHIC TEES that go through a 4 step process to become one of kind pieces that'll make your dad want his clothes back.

And, don't forget that @oldflannel shirt is still curating a vibe worth checking out over on the Poshmark App. See ya there!

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