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Hi, I'm Danielle!


Everything on this site is made by me! I'm a 90's kid that lives for all the nostalgia of the 90's and Y2K years. I started this site in early 2020 as a creative outlet and because there were things I wanted that I couldn't find, so I decided to make them myself! You'll also notice that there's a whole Britney Collection section-- that's because I love Britney Spears-- she's my favorite! So, you'll find fun things added to the collection whenever inspiration hits. 

Currently, I'm a PhD candidate at UC Davis in California. My research is focued on computation and cognitive science! So, when I'm not doing that, you can usually find me redesigning all the things. Before this website, I sold on the Poshmark app exclusively. Now, you'll find this special collection here alongside my Poshmark closet (@oldflannelshirt). I am so thankful and excited that you're here! Thank you so much for taking a look around. And, if you have something fun in mind that you want made-- just reach out to me! Whatever you want that you can't find listed here or somewhere else, I can likely make it custom for you! 


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